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Piano lessons For Intermediate & Advanced near Banbury & Brackley

I teach re-starters what you weren't shown before and have much knowledge in the the art of proper Piano technique to show you. I teach in a patient and understanding manner.

How to read music with proper understanding is something that students are happy to learn from
me. It's not just about pressing the notes.

There is more to a score than people realise, and learning this will make a big difference to your musical performance and your enjoyment.

People don't realise that there is a proper way to play the piano, you require proper piano technique
in order to make your piano and the way you play it sound beautiful.

It's not hard to learn, it's just knowing how to do it. You'll be surprised and pleased.

Piano lessons for advanced piano players near Banbury Brackley & Bicester

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Piano Lessons in Banbury, Brackley and Bicester