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One on one personal (In your Home)
Internet Piano Lessons That really work!

Live online piano lessons are real-time lessons
with me and you use a free download of Skype

My students are mainly from Banbury, Brackley
and Bicester areas but I also teach people from
other areas of the UK with online lessons.

High Wycombe, Northampton, Corby,
(Just a few examples).
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You will find that this really is a good way to
learn piano
as a beginner or to improve if
you learnt as a child but want to

make a better sound.

All pieces performed by myself

These are personal one on one Piano lessons
and I am a highly experienced and patient teacher.
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Me here at my teaching studio and you in the comfort
of your home. Please ask for details no obligation.

I Teach Piano To Adults Of All Ages......

Over many years, I've provided piano lessons for new
beginners who always wanted to enjoy the beauty and
stimulation of playing the piano. But also, I can improve
piano technique for those who learnt as children but
were not shown how to use proper piano technique to
play with good style and expression.

Playing Piano is an enjoyable musical activity that
strengthens your brain, exercises your mind
and you'll enjoy the satisfaction that it brings.
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It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or if you
already know how to play.
You can learn to play or learn to play better.

I've had much success over many years with many very
pleased students. I'm patient, and motivated to
provide piano lessons that you will enjoy and more
importanly..... Learn from.

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Piano lessons near Banbury, Brackley & Bicester

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Piano Lessons in Banbury, Brackley and Bicester