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Testimonial from Anna about Piano Lessons near Bicester

John has a wonderfully calm and relaxed manner
which is invaluable for me. In 18 months he's taken me
from effectively a beginner to a "working at" grade 3 level
as well as passing the Grade 5 theory exam.
Now that some of the basic playing skills are in place for
me, his methods for a developing student are becoming more
apparent, and it is a pleasure to find how the techniques he
gradually introduces really do work.

I look forward to my weekly lesson (which follows a full day's work)
and always leave brighter and less tired than when I arrived.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John to anyone.
His patience and manner are exemplary.

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  1. anna
Note from John:
I'm always pleased by the good things people say about my
teaching ability in these testimonials thanks Anna.

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