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Testimonial about Piano lessons near Banbury|Bicester|Brackley

His lessons are given in a kind, patient and understandable
way and he has always been encouraging which all goes to make
learning piano very enjoyable. I started with zero musical knowledge
and am now playing classical and Jazz Piano. I look forward to my piano
lesson each week and the opportunity to play his fantastic piano.
Thank you John for all you have taught me so far. Dave
Listen to Dave below
Dave plays Hirondelle ##time## / ##duration##
  1. dave

Note from John
Dave is now grade 6 Classical standard.
He runs his own company with his brother and has a wife and
children but says that this is something he wants to fit into his busy
life so that in the future when he has more time, he'll enjoy
playing the piano rather than having to start as a beginner.

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