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Testimonial from Karen about Piano Lessons

Just over four years ago I was bashing out tunes on my
old clavinova trying to understand this strange world of music.
At that time I had no idea, I had no idea what I was doing.
Eventually I realised that if I truly wanted to learn to play the
piano properly I would need to find a piano teacher. I searched
and I found John's website and consequently I found John.

John is a patient, enthusiastic and motivational piano teacher.
His sensitivity and acute intuition enables him to tap into my
'mindset' with uncanny accuracy and therefore help in a
thorough and constructive way through any difficulties I
may have whilst learning a piece.
Hear her play classical
John's lessons are always interesting, informative, absorbing
and progressive as well as light hearted and relaxed.
I am currently working towards Grade 7 Classical and I am also
learning Blues, which I enjoy very much and I have passed
two jazz/Blues grades. John has not only given me the confidence
to learn and perform my pieces to the best of my ability, he has
also given me a broader understanding and appreciation of music.

Due to John's advise, guidance and encouragement, I am now
the proud owner of a beautiful Hoffman acoustic Piano which I
know without him I would never have acquired. Karen.

Note from John:
Karen is a keen student and enjoys playing the Piano.
She's working towards grade 8 classical at the moment.

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