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His first Piano Teacher
She was grumpy & told him that his hands were too small to play the piano. There was also a musty odor in her room that made him feel very uncomfortable.

Not to be put off,
John went on to become a professional musician and teacher and has the Classical Piano Certificates,
Blues/Jazz Piano Certificates and Music Literacy Certificates recommended for the abrsm piano teaching requirements.

Much of his knowledge
came from studying Piano technique and music theory at the Birmingham city centre reference library, but there are a few teachers who helped him along his musical journey.

Michael Lambert
Music Teacher Studied composition and advanced harmony

Andrew Evans
Piano Teacher and Head of Music at Lichfield School. Piano grades 

Pamela Chilvers
Piano Teacher An examiner (advanced Piano lessons) Pamela's website 

Andrew Claxton
Piano Teacher An examiner and piano teacher and his mentor

Many years
of piano teaching, performing, composing & study.......... lots of study and devotion is what shaped him into the Piano Teacher that he is today and he's delighted to have
brought the culture of playing the Piano to so many people.

The whole
of his working life has been in music in one form or another so he can offer much knowledge and musicianship.

Over many years
as well as teaching, he played Piano professionally as a solo artist, in trios, quartets and small and large Bands. He has also played in the backing bands of chart topping artists (obviously quite a while ago). 

John is a qualified composer
His music is used in radio TV and Films worldwide. One of his songs is still available to purchase in itunes and spotify and Amazon. This song is also featured on youtube, as is a lot of his media music which is highly respected and downloaded a lot online. 





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